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Snow Kiting Camp - Snow Kite Camp
         1 week long SnowKite Camp, all inclusive

Ukbinc.com kiteboarding is utah's first and only exclusive kite boarding, kite surfing, beach bikes and snow kiting school and information source.

Ukbinc.com is open monday through saturday offering kiteboarding lessons, scuba bags classes and snowkiting lessons in utah, year round.


Ukbinc.com is utah's first and only exclusive kiteboarding school, kitesurfing school, diving bcd and snowkiting school. Ukbinc.com offers kite boarding lessons & kite surfing lessons for water, land kiteboarding lessons, and snow kiteboarding lessons, kite skiing lessons and snowkiting lessons. The Ukbinc.com - utah kiteboarding school goals are to make kite boarding, beach bike riding, kite surfing, and snow kiting safer sports for the beginner, reduce the frustration level of learning and increase the learning rate so the student can get riding on their own as quickly and as safely as possible. Ukbinc.com - utah kiteboarding is looking forward to working with you and making this experience a safe and fun one and helping you get hooked into kiteboarding in utah!

Kiteboarding for Dummies

Sign up for an intensive course from Gymuptown.com forza gym in Denver to prepare yourself for the kiteboarding season. Professional trainers will help you gain all the needed basic skills to feel yourself confident on the kiteboard. Currently kiteboarding is one of the most fashionable and progressive trends in kiting! Want to keep up with the times and stay in a good physical shape? Then pass several training courses in the local forza gym and flying into the wind! Kiteboarding is a great way to improve your health and spend time on a fresh air.

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