Interesting facts about kiteboarding


Kiteboarding is a sailing kind of sports. It is a combination of wing-sail with all the man-made movements (snowboard or skis, mountainboard or buggy, surfboard or twin tip). This is a fusion of such elements as: air, water, ice and earth.

Kiteboarding is a huge niche for improvisation and experimentation. It integrates moving at high speed (race, wave, free ride), high long jumps (freestyle) as well as conquering vast areas of land, water or ice (cross country).

Kiteboarding gives a lot of fun and excitement that you can get from high speeds, abrupt maneuvers, good height and distance of the jump and finally obedient, controlled traction of a kite.

Winter kiteboarding in the USA is the most progressive sports destination. Long winter in Utah with moderate wind, availability of a number of places to ride (fields, frozen ponds) and usability of kiting equipment favorably distinguish kiteboarding from alternative sports.

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