Kiteboarding FAQ #1
Can I kiteboard or kitesurf in very light wind?
A: One of the big attractions of kiteboarding or kitesurfing is that you can 'fly' in very light winds. 8 knots or about 10mph and a big kite will get you riding and getting air.

Kiteboarding FAQ #2
Can a kiteboarder or kitesurfer go up-wind?
A: Yes, but it takes skill and practice. When learning you will spend a lot of time kiteboarding down wind and walking back to where you started. Taking a kiteboarding lesson will get you going up-wind efficiently much faster and without destroying your expensive kites and kiteboarding equipment in the process.

Kiteboarding FAQ #3
What is Ukbinc.com?
A: Ukbinc.com is a PASA certified academy. We teach kiteboarding lessons, kitesurfing lessons, and snowkiting lessons in Utah. We also promote the sport of kite boarding, kite surfing, and snow kiteboarding in Utah through free kite clinics, kiteboarding competitions, and by sponsoring public awareness of the sport. Utah Kiteboarding, it's students and volunteers, also perform public service through clean-up projects where we remove debris, trash, and dangerous obstacles from the beaches and water. Utah Kiteboarding also works on  environmental improvement projects also know as "Adopt-a-Waterway" in coordination with the State of Utah - Public Lands.  Ukbinc.com is working with land owners and Utah State offices to expand access to launch sites throughout the state.

Kiteboarding FAQ #4
What is PASA?
A:  Professional Air Sports Association (PASA).  The goal of PASA is to offer information on the industry of Hang Gliding, Kiteboarding, Paragliding, Parasailing, and Ultralight Flying for businesses and individuals.  PASA has developed a complete certification system to train and register all levels of kiteboarding pilots from beginners to instructors.  We offer certification cards, handbooks, lesson plans, and teaching manuals that meet PASA strict standards.  Commercial liability insurance is available to schools that adhere to PASA guidelines and safety standards.  Professional Membership in PASA is required in order to qualify for the insurance program.  Many years ago, a group of industry leaders envisioned a member driven trade association for the air sports industry. Today, PASA is that reality.  PASA was founded on March 21,1997.  PASA's organizational structure includes industry councils. These councils provide members with an opportunity to focus on a trend or specialty within their unique area of the industry.  Councils include:  Hang Gliding Industry Council, Kite Boarding Industry Council, Paragliding Industry Council, Parasailing Industry Council, &  Ultralight Industry Council.

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