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What is kitesurfing? It is new trendy, entertaining and mega impressive extreme sports, which popularity is growing rapidly around the world. In fact, kiteboarding is riding with a kite (traction sports kite) on the board on the water or snow surface. Read more what is kiteboarding.

Professional prefer to exercise with music as it brings new emotions to a training process. It is a real pleasure to have a dynamic riding, make dizzying jumps and blood stirring passages while listening to your favorite song. In this case, iPod is just an indispensable device as it is rather small, but capable of storing impressive amount of music megabytes. With iPod nano, you are always able to have fun everywhere. Now, it became even more convenient to listen to music when practicing, because the iPod is equipped with a built-in technology Bluetooth 4.0. This means that it can be easily connect to wireless headphones... Some sport facilities even offer to take an iPod for rent to listen to the music during exercising.

Scientists have explained why it is necessary to do sports listening to the music. One thing is clear: the answer is in your mind, rather than in the muscles. And the confirmation to this theory is an extraordinary study, during which two separate components were identified: the benefits from the repetition of a movement and the benefits from muscles producing movement exercising.

Sounds complicated, but several scientific studies confirm that when a person only imagines a movement, this process itself leads to a noticeable increase in the volume of corresponding muscles. This effect is not as pronounced as the effect of the actual exercising, but, according to some estimates, about half of the total benefits of training are brought by thoughts about the moves made.

The use of music is most evident in sports activities with a self-set pace - in those sports where you have to think and choose the mode to move. This applies to any rhythmic sports (running, rowing, kitesurfing) and less important in spasmodic (judo, football).

Ernest Stephens gives advice on how to rent to own iPod and why this option is sometimes more than rational.

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