Current utah weather and launch forecasts

It's often been said that if you don't like the weather in Utah, wait a day or two and it'll change.  How true!!
On an average week we get 3 - 4 days with wind speeds suitable for riding.  In Utah we are somewhat lucky to have all the mountains which help to funnel and intensify the wind.  

The best winds are from the North. They are very steady for the most part and offer great riding and good weather conditions.  South winds are generally warmer but bring a lot of storms in the afternoons.  The south winds tend to be very gusty and inconsistent.  There are several good launches to take advantage of a South wind.  West and East winds are less common and are generally also from storm fronts or jet stream assist.

With a little knowledge and a few good weather websites you can pick a good day to ride about 80% of the time.  Watch for North wind forecasts and a North to North West Jet Stream for a good predictor of North winds ahead.  Also Low pressure systems bring us nice North winds too. Watch for the South winds to start building if you see thunderheads coming in from the South or South East.  These storms can be very violent.  Watch out for lightning and gusts into the 50mph range.  These microburst have cost more than a few kiteboarders lost gear.  Below are several of the best sources for picking a good wind day.  

To forecast your favorite launch site use the average of the forecasts below.  Just type is the zipcode or city nearest your destination.

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